Destiny Ghost Edition for PS4 Sold Out in Just One Day at Amazon

By   /   Jul 8, 2014

Bungie announced yesterday that there will be a special edition for its upcoming shooter called Destiny Ghost Edition, which will come with a lot of goodies for the people who pre-order it.

Apparently, the deal was lucrative enough that it has run out of stock within one day at Amazon. It’s the PS4 version that is out of stock which also gives us a hint that the game’s demand is more on PS4 than other consoles thanks to the exclusive content Sony is offering.

I don’t think that Bungie or any retailers expected that the Destiny Ghost Edition will go out of stock in the period of less than 24 hrs.

This edition for the upcoming shooter includes:

  • Limited Edition Steel Book
  • Replica of Ghost
  • Golden Age Relics
  • Guardian Folio
  • Arms and Armament Field Guide
  • Post Cards from the Golden Age
  • Antique Star Chart
  • Collector’s Edition Digital Content
  • A Unique Ghost Casing
  • An Exclusive Player Emblem
  • An Exclusive Player Sip Skin
  • The Destiny Expansion Pass

With these additions to the game, you would expect that the demand would be high, but getting sold out in just single day clearly shows the demand of upcoming shooter from Bungie.

However, it is not confirmed that Ghost Edition will return to the market or not, so be patient and Bungie might restock the popular version.

Bungie and Activision have really high hopes for their upcoming shooter as they are expecting that it would be the biggest release of this year, with its amazing gameplay, visuals and detailed MMO elements.

Destiny is going to hit the shelves on 9th of September and if you are looking to to pre-order right now, then you can check out other collector’s editions available for the game.

Source: Amazon

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