Chinese Guild Wars 2 Launch Goes Over 3 Million Players

By   /   Jul 8, 2014

Guild Wars 2 is continuing to break ground, having solidified a modicum of success in China. Previously, it announced that it would be one of the first massively multiplayer online (MMO) games with their model to launch over there.

Now, two months after the official release, the sum of Chinese players for Guild Wars is 3.8 million, according to a recent NeoGaf tally. That would put its sales at over 7 million in under two years, which is quite the accomplishment.

While Guild Wars 2 has no subscription model to keep playing, there is a one-time charge for a copy of the game, which isn’t a popular model in Asia, which prefers free-to-play designs and such. On launch day alone, the game managed to draw in over 700,000 players.

The score was counted from 33 servers, some hosting as many as 300,000 gamers or accounts, at least. It’s more than likely that there are multiple characters roaming around any given account.

Upon its very first launch, Guild Wars 2 managed to rack up a similar amount of success. It counted a million in sales, even before the game officially went live.

Further on in its lifespan, it snagged the title of the fastest selling MMO of all time, selling 3 million units in less than a year.

Guild Wars 2 also happens to be a pretty great game for roleplaying game (RPG) fans. It has a big world with dynamic events to keep you busy, exploration options, crafting and all that good stuff.

Maybe you should give a Guild Wars 2 a whirl with a free trial, if you haven’t yet.

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