Beyond Two Souls Listed By Retailers For PS4 Release This Year

By   /   Jul 8, 2014

A PlayStation 4 version of Beyond Two Souls has been spotted on a couple of German retailer websites.

According to both listings, the next-gen version of Quantic Dream’s story-telling title will release this September for the PlayStation 4 for the full price of $60.

Retailers are usually quick to list out new items even before their impending announcements. Neither Sony nor Quantic Dreams has mentioned anything about a PS4 version of the game so far. Until they do, let’s just take this news with a grain of salt.

Beyond Two Souls was released last year in October for the PlayStation 3. The game was hyped around the inclusion of Hollywood mega stars Ellen Page and William Dafoe who voices the characters of Jodie Holmes and Nathan Dawkins respectfully.

The game follows Holmes, a young woman who possess supernatural powers thanks to her bond with an invisible evil entity. Dawkins is a scientist hired by a government division to study paranormal activities and he tries hard to somehow understand Holmes powers and in turn help her out. Actions and decisions taken by players at every step will “shape the course of the story” as players try to discover the truth behind Holmes’ powers.

If there really is a PS4 version of Beyond Two Souls then perhaps it’s getting the Remastered treatment like that of The Last of Us. The game will probably ship out on the new console with a higher resolution and 60 frames per second.

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