Zelda II And Castlevania Hybrid Shadowcrypt Out On PC

By   /   Jul 7, 2014

After a year of development, Shadowcrypt has released a PC version, available now from rising selling platform itch.io for $8.99. This price will be available until July 14, when it will revert to $9.99.

Shadowcrypt will be right up the alley of older gamers willing to go back to classic side-scrolling adventures. On the game page, it quite aptly describes itself as follows:

Shadowcrypt is a combat-oriented 2D arcade/platformer inspired by Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and the look & feel of the Castlevania series.

That’s pretty much the entirety of this endeavor in a nutshell. You are a hero who goes through a series of treacherous rooms with traps and enemies.

One thing Shadowcrypt really nails is its animations, which have the exact weight of older titles. It feels fluid, but with just the right amount of frames missing to give it that classic vibe.

If Zelda II isn’t your thing, which many people agree upon as one of the worst iterations in the series, maybe a Dark Souls tie-in can sway you more. During combat, there’s an emphasis on performing a timely parry, which can bump back opponents or even swat away incoming fireballs.

While rooms aren’t procedurally generated, progression is non-linear. You can backtrack and tackle each designed challenge at whim.

Some may remember Shadowcrypt as one of the titles that were recently approved through Steam Greenlight. It was one of the better games in a list of not-so-great items. We listed the worst of those, if you’d like to avoid some stinkers.

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