Unturned, A Free Blocky Zombie Survival, On Early Access

By   /   Jul 7, 2014

Here’s a charming new title that just sprung up on Steam through Early Access: Unturned. It’s a zombie survival sandbox game, but not that much like the often used trope.

Unturned is possibly the blockiest of zombie titles on Steam right now. Its visuals are more akin to titles like Blockland or the first-person shooter Ace of Spades.

This translates in a really friendly download size, just under 200Mb, for an adventure into the wilderness. Moreover, there are a set of visual options to make the squares either look a lot better or keep a great performance going with the basic presentation. It’s not that different, just smoother.

Is it also innovating on the gameplay front of zombie survival? So far, not really; it has the same scavenging, exploring and crafting mechanisms in place, but nothing revolutionary, just sporting its own style.

More so, there’s a bit of a more light-hearted atmosphere in Unturned’s functional build. We only played for about twenty minutes, but in that time we found ourselves a sailor boy outfit and we drank some moldy water. Fun times were had.

If there is a point to improve in Unturned’s Early Access right now it’s that its nighttime build is dark, but really dark. Realism is great and all, but it gets hard to distinguish even the most basic things, so putting up a beacon every few miles of its idyllic island map would be nice.

The clincher for Unturned, however, is that it’s free to play. That’s why you should go download it on Steam right now.

Yes, there’s a ton of competition in the survival zombie sandbox open world crafting scavenge genre, if that’s a thing. Still, most of it comes with a conscious decision, since there’s a hefty price on it all.

There’s DayZ at €23.99, Dead State at €22.99, 7 Days To Die at €22.99 or The Dead Linger at €18.99; all in various stages of development. Unturned is free and doesn’t even take that much to download, so give it a whirl.

There’s a Gold account upgrade for Unturned with some cosmetics and easier experience gain, should you want to support the project.

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