The Division Won’t Face Visual Downgrades like Watch Dogs

By   /   Jul 7, 2014

The Division has been on my list of highly-anticipated games for a couple of years now with Ubisoft Massive hinting that they might delay push back the game to 2016 for obvious reasons – further polishing.

There are no questions regarding the visual fidelity of the game: multiple CGI trailers and E3 2014 live demonstration has established this much, at least.

However, long-term fans of Ubisoft’s games have started to raise their concerns about the game, after studio’s recently released third-person hacking game, Watch_Dogs.

In a nutshell, Watch_Dogs demonstrated insanely enhanced visuals at the game’s E3 demonstrations, but when it finally hit the market, the visuals were drastically downgraded with several modders finding files related to missing textures and inferior graphics. All in all, the game was a Grand Theft Auto clone with inferior graphical capabilities.

Speaking to Metro, Ubisoft Massive issued the statement that Tom Clancy’s The Division will not face the same fate as Watch_Dogs:

No, no. I hope not. That’s what we’re trying to make sure doesn’t happen.

I think making sure you focus on the content as well as just how it looks is really, really important. So, I mean… I know one of the big taglines for us is it’s a third person shooter but we actually think of it as a RPG.

Speaking of the overall feel of the game, the developer stated that unlike the popular belief that you need to create a depressing environment in order to attain realistic feeling, the game is about hope and giving the players a purpose to change bring about the change in a disease-struck environment.

Players like to play games where you can have an impact, you have a purpose, and you feel like you’ve done something in your journey through the game.

The developer also talks about Tom Clancy’s The Division Squad (something we reported earlier during E3), PvP space, and other game mechanics.

Head over to Metro for complete interview and tell us do you still believe in Ubisoft after fails like Watch_Dogs?

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