Pokemon X and Y Crosses Over 100 Million Pokemon Trades Through GTS

According to the numbers posted yesterday, more than 100 million Pokemon have been traded via the GTS Distribution for the popular Nintendo 3DS game of last year Pokemon X and Y.

In the period of almost 9 months, Pokemon X and Y has managed to cross the 100 million mark, which is quite an amazing figure and also shows the popularity that the game has managed to gain over the years.

The gameplay of Pokemon X and Y is very similar to previous entries in the series. Presented in a third-person perspective, you take control of a Pokemon trainer as he goes on a quest to find and catch the creatures and train them so that they can fight against other trainers.

As you play through the game, you will get experience points, which will give you options to level up and increase the stats for the battle, learn new techniques, and evolve into an extremely powerful Pokemon.

Pokemon X/Y trade figure of over 100 million is just astounding and with more players to join in the future, expect this number to increase even more.

Keep up with the constantly changing number of trades of Pokemon X and Y on this counter.

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