Natural Doctrine Patch Streamlines Game And Adds Content

By   /   Jul 7, 2014

It’s still going to be a while before Natural Doctrine makes its way outside of Japan, but it looks like we may be getting a better version when it’s out. According to Siliconera, the strategy title will receive a patch for its Japanese release that makes it a bit more accessible.

All versions of Natural Doctrine, on Playstation 3, PS Vita and Playstation 4, will receive the update. For starters, it adds an easy mode to the tough feature, which is known for ending the game if any one party member dies.

Moreover, a new tutorial will be appended to the one that’s already present at the start of the campaign. Tips will also be shown at the start of a battle to explain how to beat the level.

Certain checkpoints in the game allow players to grind missions, if they need to overcome a challenge. The number of checkpoints will be increased to make it a little more lenient.

In game design, Natural Doctrine will now allow you to speed up enemy movement. Online connections should run smoother as well.

There’s also some fresh gameplay content coming. For starters, three additional co-op missions will come to Natural Doctrine, which include the Lion King, a Great Sage and an encounter with the Immortal King.

For the Playstation 4 version of Natural Doctrine, there will be extra downloadable missions. You’ll need to face off against the Glion Queen.

Western regions will need to wait until September for Natural Doctrine to make its way to their console. On Playstation 3, it releases in the same month as several other Japanese titles, like Ar noSurge.

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