Minecraft Pocket Edition Update 0.9.0 is the Biggest, Comes July 10

By   /   Jul 7, 2014

There is one word for the Minecraft Pocket Edition Update 0.9.0; infinite worlds! Mojang has announced that the latest update in question is going to be the biggest that the game has ever had yet and that it will be out in two days’ time!

The developers say that they are super excited about the update and everything that you will now be able to do in the game on your Android phone. Apart from that, they have listed the changes that will be made to the Miecraft Pocket Edition come July 10.

First off, the patch notes boast of ‘infinite worlds’ in the terms of the game, and in those worlds you will now get caves. Yes, there will be caves in the game from now on. A lot of new blocks as well as items have also been added to the game which include Monster Eggs and mushroom blocks.

If you thought that caves are all that is exciting, you are wrong; think wolves. You will be able to tame them and make a loyal companion out of them – if you would want. There will be a lot (I mean a lot) of new flowers to color up the worlds even more and these will be combined with new mobs. You get ‘spooky endermen and less spooky Mooshrooms.’

Mesas, Jungles, Swamps and Extreme Hills are going to be some of the biomes you will get in the game from the PC version along with a brand new interaction button and new feature generation like lakes, vines, abandoned mineshafts and monster rooms!

What else would you like to see in Minecraft Pocket Edition update 0.9.0?

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