Mario Kart 8 Hack Allows Renaming Courses, Changing Musical Cues

By   /   Jul 7, 2014

Only a little over a month into the game’s release and the first Mario Kart 8 hack has been discovered by players. Many of you would be interested to find out what is being done to the game and what is being altered; you may find out all that in the video above.

The video shows how a group of hackers have managed the Mario Kart 8 hacks while stating that these are on the fly RAM edits of the game. You will be able to see the following mods:

  • Making Moo Moo Meadows play its final lap music immediately
  • Making the final lap play no music at all
  • Making the lap 1/2 song into the opening camera fanfare
  • Renaming Moo Moo Meadows to “Hello!”
  • Renaming it again to “Shitty luck course!”
  • Renaming Toad’s Turnpike to Deathpike…
  • Corrupting a font
  • Crashing the Wii U
  • Altering the Wii U menu fonts

According to the hackers, all this is based on a recently exposed browser exploit as well as some code that one of them has written up. As of now, the hackers are terming it as only a proof of concept and that full scale Mario Kart 8 hack would be much better.

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