League of Legends Intro Bots is a New Tutorial Mode by Riot Games

By   /   Jul 7, 2014

If you have ever tried to teach a friend how to play League of Legends, you would know how much of a pain in the ass it is. Just for your assistance, Riot Games has decided to give another go to the game’s tutorial mode.

The developers say that they have been looking into the way that new players cope with the game and how it gets hard for the old players to teach the game and its intricacies to the newbies.

They have therefore decided to introduce a new tutorial mode of the game believing that they can do a better job of it.

Among the key aspects that the developers wish to keep in mind at the time of developing the new onboarding mode are making learning fun, providing achievable and meaningful goals, offering well-paced information, reinforcing through play and delivering appropriate challenges to the new comers.

Named Intro Bots, the developers will sue it to ‘teach a brand new player all the skills of a level 30 Summoner risks overload and neglect foundational learnings.’

Moreover, the developers said that in this mode they are ‘focusing on the basics while we explore alternatives venues for teaching the advanced stuff.’

The official website of League of Legends has a detailed post on what the developers plan to do with the new tutorial mode i.e.

Intro Bots; you may go and check it out yourself. It will be out to PBE soon and will be live soon after, we don’t have an exact date though.

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