Everything in Kingdom Hearts 3 and 2.5 ReMix Connects, Former has Old and New Worlds

By   /   Jul 7, 2014

It is clearly understood that Kingdom Hearts III is not a game for this year, and Yasue has also confirmed it recently that this year is for Kingdom Hearts 2.5. However, the former has a lot of enthusiasm and expectations behind it – we just want to know more.

Recently, the game’s director Tai Yasue was interviewed where he talked about the two games and trickled down bits and pieces about the upcoming main entry in the series.

To start off, we know that the development of Kingdom Hearts III and 2.5 is being handled side by side by Square Enix. What he emphasized was that there was that currently they are focusing on Kingdom Hearts 2.5 for this year, which was also the reason why there was no dedicated trailer for KH III at this year’s E3.

That being said, he said upon the question relationship between the two titles that ‘everything [in Kingdom Hearts 2.5] has to do with Kingdom Hearts 3. It will connect. The whole experience, the theater and the story, will all connect to Kingdom Hearts III.’ Of course he wasn’t being specific on purpose, but this tells us that the story is going to be highly important – and connected.

Moving on, he stated that the world of KH III will not only comprise of new worlds but come with a mix of old and new worlds from the series. There will be different categories.

In the end, Yasue hinted that we should look forward to more information about Kingdom Hearts III in certain game shows in the future.

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