Driveclub Doesn’t Use PS4 Camera, Lack of Performance Customization Explained

By   /   Jul 7, 2014

Evolution Studios’ awe inspiringly beautiful car racing game Driveclub releases in October this year. Where on one hand, it has impressed a lot of the racing fans with its beautiful graphics and eye catching imagery, it has certain issues that raise a bit of an alarm on the other hand.

For instance, it has been announced by the developers that the game will neither use a PS4 camera nor will it have car performance customization which nearly all other car racing games usually have.

Paul Rustchynsky is the game director for Driveclub at Evolution Studios; recently, he was answering questions posed by the fans of the game over at his official Twitter profile.

Among the multiple questions, he was asked about the PS4 camera, and his reply confirmed that the game will use it.

That doesn’t only mean that the PS4 Camera won’t be used for taking mugshots, but actually, it means that the camera will not be used in the game at all.

Moving on, he was asked to explain why there was no car performance customization in Driveclub. Was it because they wanted to keep the cars at a performance level that matches with their real-life capacity or was it something else?

As it turns out, Rustchynsky believes that Driveclub just isn’t that sort of a game to have had space for car performance customizations. He said that the game focused more on ‘immediacy, accessibility and fun,’ and that was the reason why all specifications of the cars were kept matched with the real life.

In the end, he also confirmed that for each race, you will be allowed to set up to 25 laps and that more cars (and DLC) for Driveclub are still under planning process. Any suggestions as to what you would want to see in the game?

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