Dota 2 The International 4 Survival Guide Part 2/3

By   /   Jul 7, 2014

Heard about the biggest competition in the history of gaming but don’t know which team to root for? Don’t worry, SegmentNext has got you covered!

This is part two of the Survival Guide series, and it will cover the prize distribution as well as five more invited teams: Cloud9, NewBee, Fnatic, Vici Gaming and Titan.

For part 1 which covered the 3 past champions and 2 other strong contenders go here.

As opposed to previous years where only 8 teams would receive money, this time around everyone until the 14th placed will receive a chunk of the 10 Million Dollar prizepool that according to the graphs, it’s expected to still rise above 11 Million.

The 1st placed team will receive almost 5 Million, while the 2nd place will receive almost 1.5 Million, even more than last year’s winner!

Teams have started to arrive in Seattle, with the first one being Team DK.

Valve has announced that there will be a stream dedicated to watching all of the matches at the same time so unlike last year, you won’t have to open 4 twitch streams at once!

In case you are new to Dota 2, Valve has even announced the perfect stream for you, the Dota Newcomers Broadcast which will be happening alongside the main stream and it will teach and explain to you everything about the world of Dota 2.

Valve has also announced that the solo 1v1 championship will take place right in the first day, the 8th of July! Will iceiceice defend his title?

Without further ado, here are 5 more great teams! Click on the teams and player names for their respective Twitter pages!

Cloud 9
Cloud 9

From left to right:

There is no other team that is as international as this one, Cloud 9 is the team that everyone either loves or loves to hate. Their unorthodox drafts and playstyle makes them a really fun team to watch.

The story of this team began with EE-Sama dropping his Engineer degree in the University of Toronto to play for TI3. Unfortunately, he got kicked out of the team he was playing for, Alliance (who later on became TI3 champions).

Despite this setback, he wants revenge, his thirst for glory never went away and now with his new team mates, his eyes are completely set for The International Grand Prize as you can see in this clip.

Another reason to love this team is my personal favorite, SingSing.

His stream is the most entertaning one in TwitchTV, so much that even players in other games copy his style of streaming and he frequently has over 25.000 people watching his stream.

People actually riot around the internet whenever he doesn’t stream for some time.

The guy that loves masturbating, Best Mirana player in Dota 2 and the first player ever to have his own dedicated evolving courier (watch 200 SingSing games to unlock the 3rd stage), The Beaver Knight.

Cloud9 plays either an overly aggressive style or a super calculated farming style, they love to draft unusual picks but some of their favorites include Mirana, Luna, Visage, Ember Spirit and Crystal Maiden.


From left to right:

  • Jiao “Banana” Wang (Support)
  • Zhang “Mu” Pan (Solo Mid)
  • Zhang “xiao8” Ning (Offlane)
  • Chen “Hao” Zhi (Carry)Zhau
  • Wui “SanSheng” Wang (Support)

The fully Chinese Dream Team. This team was 4th placed in TI3 under the name TongFu. Now with xiao8 (who is also known as Director8) in place of KingJ, this team is even stronger than before.

This team was formed earlier this year, right after the Chinese new year. It was originally expected to have as supports Faith and Chuan from iG, but both of these remained loyal and refused to sign for NewBee.

Even so, the son of a Chinese billionaire (the 5th richest man in China) has decided to assemble this squad and they have already delivered some results in winning some tournaments.

There is also a controversy surrounding this team regarding racism. Team DK at some point called them out, saying that NewBee refused to practice with them due to DK’s foreign players Mushi and iceiceice. Because of this, you can see people spamming “༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ END RACISM” whenever NewBee plays. 

NewBee has a very well rounded and versatile playstyle and some of their favorite picks include Nyx Assassin, Dragon Knight, Gyrocopter, Doom and Lion.


From left to right:

Fnatic, the team that would beat any other team in a physical fight with bodybuilder H4nn1, Krav-maga champion Fly and the giant Trixi.

A team that recently was involved in a lot of controversy due to their Carry player Era having lots of medical issues. Because of this Fnatic had to bootcamp and go to The Summit and ESL Frankfurt with star player and top public ranked player Steve “Excalibur” Yi.

This would be okay if the change was months earlier, but this happened in June, just one month away from the big competition and Valve decided not to allow the change.

Fnatic made a blog post breaking some of the confidentiality, of which Valve decided to retaliate with all the evidence on their blog.

Fnatic might now be forced to play with an Era that couldn’t practice for a long period of time.

Regardless of the controversy, BigDaddy who was formerly known as n0tail, said that he was reborn as a player, with an ambition to reach the high spots. He is one of the loudest players in Dota 2 as you can see in this video.

Whether Fnatic overcomes the challenge or crumbles, they are sure to put on a good show with their aggressive Dota. Their favorite picks include Nature’s Prophet, Puck, Earthshaker, Meepo  and Tiny.

Vici Gaming
 Vici Gaming

From left to right:

  • Chao “Fenrir” Lu (Support)
  • Bai “rOtk” Fan (Offlane)
  • Linsen “fy” Xu (Support)
  • Xie “Super” Juanhao (Solo Mid)
  • Liu “Sylar” Jiajun (Carry)

The last of the big 4 top Chinese teams.

Even louder than Fnatic’s BigDaddy, rOtk is the biggest flamer in all of pro Dota. When VG played in The Summit, people would hear rOtk yelling all throughout the entire house. He even goes as far as telling Alliance’s Loda to kiss his ass just before the game starts.

Also on this team we have some of the best young talents on Sylar who previously played for LGD, as well as fy. Supports usually never get much praise and hype as fy does.

Oh and even though he plays support, he already won a solo 1v1 championship in China AND at The Summit. Words cannot do justice to fy’s plays, check out this video instead.

Vici plays an aggressive style with some of their favorite picks including Rubick, Razor, Storm Spirit, Clockwerk and Morphling.


From left to right:

The invited South East Asian hope fully Malaysian squad.

This is the team that finished TI3 in 3rd place, with the exception of Yamateh, who replaced Mushi after he went to China for team DK. According to Ohaiyo, it was a dream come true to be playing in the final day of TI3.

After their brilliant run they got a lot of praise from their own country, including visits from their very own Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sports!

Until this point though, it’s worth noting that they haven’t played competitive matches against western teams and their performances against Chinese teams have been rather lackluster. This isn’t a team you can count out at all.

With the departure of highly versatile player Mushi, Titan has been struggling to find their right playstyle but still some of their most successful heroes include Tinker, Nature’s Prophet, Sand King, Shadow Shaman and Invoker.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for Part 3 which will feature the Pubstomps and teams Empire, Arrow, LGD, Mousesports, Na’Vi.US and the 4 runner-ups.

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