Watch Dogs: TheWorse Mod Getting Update 0.97

By   /   Jul 6, 2014

Modding fans would be happy to know that Watch Dogs: TheWorse mod is getting an update really soon.

It was initially thought that work on the mod has been halted and that the author would not be giving us an update. However, that soon changed when patch notes of version 0.97 were posted. According to the author, the update should release in “1 or 2 days.”

The update will bring the following changes:

  • Every single detail about lighting changed.
  • Adjusted exposure for day-night.
  • Adjusted SSAO Intensity day-night.
  • Incorporated new enjoyable bloom.
  • **Headlight shadows changes**
  • Adjusted distance, brightness, intensity, height, bias.
  • Adjusted colors, flickering gone.
  • **************************
  • Wind environment optimized
  • Fog adjusted for storm, heavy rain, clear day, clear night, etc
  • Shadow intensity changed according to the tod and weather.
  • Clouds, lensflares, and other textures replaced and/or changed for higher resolution
  • Colorgrading has been changed to adapt the new lighting.
  • Camera angle and height was slighly changed.
  • Civilian density was increased to maximum levels.
  • Xml settings changed
  • Weather changes.

TheWorse also pointed out that all releases prior to a 1.0 should be considered as “beta.” Additionally the upcoming update is not the last in line and he’ll continue to work to make one complete package that makes this mess from Ubisoft a pretty picture to live in.

Watch Dogs recently got three new single-player missions as part of a DLC pack. All three missions give players specific tasks to complete and unlock new weapons, perks and bonuses. The new weapons include the Biometric Rifle and the Auto-6 pistol. The new perks and bonuses are a Dedsec Battery Boost, a Blume Weapon Boost, the Driving Master boost and an ATM Hack boost.

Source Guru3D

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