Heroes of the Storm: Talent System Tutorial Released

By   /   Jul 6, 2014

Heroes of the Storm is currently in beta with hordes of participants from outside the US trying out the game and also assessing Blizzard’s take on the MOBA genre.

Heroes of the Storm is pretty much your every day MOBA title with a few new features. In order to help out both new and veteran players understand the game more, Blizzard has released a very comprehensive guide that explains player progression, the talent system, in the game.

Much like their MMO World of Warcraft, Blizzard has gone with talent trees in Heroes of the Storm. The game additionally features multiple maps and game modes which in all means that players can build each hero differently to maximize their potential in various scenarios. One of the worst traits for a MOBA is the one popular build on a character, with disregard to the enemy choices or situations, that decimates everyone upon completion.

Heroes of the Storm also has extinguished the concept of “farming” where players passively stay in their lanes to farm enough gold for items. In Heroes of the Storm: your progression is solely tied to your level, meaning more action right from the word go.

A month ago, an update on the game’s launcher suggested that Blizzard is planning to release a Founder’s Pack. All free-to-play titles usually get them and hence it won’t be of any surprise if Heroes of the Storm receive them as well. The Founder’s Pack offers players the chance to get access to the game’s upcoming beta as well as access to an in-game wolf mount made of “solid gold.”

Blizzard has not confirmed their intentions on this matter for now.

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