Destiny: List of Game Modes Surfaces

By   /   Jul 6, 2014

A list of Destiny’s competitive multiplayer game modes have surfaced on the web that mentions previously revealed modes, as well as new ones.

Even though Destiny’s beta begins in the next couple of weeks, Bungie has been keeping quite about the game modes. Of course the developer won’t be allowing every mode in the beta but it’s a good feeling playing the game knowing what more you can expect in the future.

An image of Destiny’s mobile companion app, posted by Reddit user NeonDr, lists down both the PvE and PvP offerings. This list could probably see to additions by Bungie later on in the shape of downloadable content packs.

  • Strike
  • Raid
  • Explore
  • Skirmish
  • Control
  • Lockdown
  • Team
  • Rumble

We already know about the first three. Raid puts six players in a high-tier challenge where they all must coordinate and communicate to get the job done. Strike features three-player activities with bosses and loot at the end. Explore tasks players to head out to a planet in teams of three and take on odd jobs or quests from the City.

As for Control, Bungie had released a video demonstrating the mode last month. It features something along the lines of Domination.

That leaves us with the unknowns – Skirmish, Lockdown, Team and Rumble. Team probably is a straight up Team Deathmatch, while Lockdown could have something to do with players running after spawned objects which they must ‘lock’ down. Rumble could also be simply a Free-For-All mode where there are no teams and every player just heads into a slaughter house.

Destiny is scheduled for release on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 on September 9.

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