Neverwinter Online Confirmed as Launch Title For Xbox One China

By   /   Jul 5, 2014

Perfect World Entertainment has confirmed that Neverwinter Online, a Free-to-Play MMO based on the D&D roleplaying game, will be one of the launch titles for the Xbox One when it releases in China later this year.

A small internal beta testing of the game is currently being planned and will be carried out later this month where a small number of Chinese gamers will be invited to try out the game.

The developer also revealed that in addition to Neverwinter on the Xbox One, the studio is working on at least two more Xbox One games with its Chinese and Overseas developers. Details about them though were not provided and there’s a small chance of them being teased in the upcoming Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show events.

There are strong rumors that Torchlight 2 and Xiao Ao Jianghu Online will also be part of the launch titles. However, none of the respective developers have shared any confirmation.

Microsoft is scheduled to launch the Xbox One in China in September this year. A conclusive date though has not been provided. The console only recently received its domestic 3C approval and as we approach September, reports slowly are piling in regarding what titles the China community can expect.

According to another report, the console will launch in China with at least 20 games available, and there will also be twenty apps available for download. The majority of these will be China-developed games and apps. Rumors put the console at a price of RMB 3599 ($590) for the Kinect-enabled version, and RMB 2999 ($491) without the Kinect.

via GamesinAsia

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