Mortal Kombat X Gets New Screenshots Showcasing Detailed Characters

By   /   Jul 5, 2014

NetherRealm Studios has released four new images for its already unveiled characters (Cassie Cage, D’Vorah, Kotal Kahn and Ferra) for Mortal Kombat X and they show the enormous amount of details that have been put into creating each of them.

Check out each of the character in the images given below:

Other confirmed characters apart from the four shown in the screenshots above are, Sub-Zero and Scorpion.

Mortal Kombat X is set to launch next year, and it is going to bring 24 characters roster to choose from with developers promising to reveal more characters as we draw near to the game’s release.

The E3 demo of the game showed a couple of new locations that you will be able to battle in, called Outworld Marketplace and The Cove. Furthermore, it was revealed that locations in the game will have some spots that can be used to inflict more damage on an opponent.

Moreover, the game will have extremely bloody and gory fatalities for each character, and fans wouldn’t expect any less from NetherRealm Studios.

Mortal Kombat X will continue right where it left off in Mortal Kombat 9, and the story in the upcoming title will span over 25 years, in which you will be able to witness characters aging.

What do you think of these new detailed screenshots of Mortal Kombat X?

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