Gears of War for Xbox One May Feature Cole Train and the Delta Squad

By   /   Jul 5, 2014

The next Gears of War for Xbox One might see the return of Private Augustus or better known as Cole Train, according to a Tweet from the voice over artist, Lester Speight.

In response to a fan asking whether Speight had spoken with the developers for his role in the Gears of War for Xbox One, Speight stated that he had:

Long-term GoW fans must know that Cole Train and other primary characters like Marcus Fenix, Anya Stroud, and Damon Baird share the same timeline within the game. So by an educated guess, we can deduce that we might be seeing return of all those characters, as well.

Unlike previous four installments, Gears of War for Xbox One is currently being developed by Black Tusk Studios.

Back in January this year, Microsoft acquired rights to the franchise from Epic Games and hired Epic Games’ executive producer and director of production, Rod Fergusson to keep an eye on the development processes.

However, fans should not expect the game until late 2015 or early 2016.

In May, Rod Fergusson stated that the title was still in the early concept and prototyping stage and that the studio is only 100 days in the development.

Former athlete turned COG soldier has appeared in all Gears of War games, to date. It remains to be seen to what extent we will see him in upcoming iteration and whether Delta Squad will be reformed or not. What’s your take on this?

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