Uncharted 4 Character Models Will Feature More Realistic Hair

By   /   Jul 4, 2014

We only saw a brief glimpse of the new Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End at E3 last month, but it was enough to make us realize that the game’s new and improve engine is years ahead in terms of technology advancement.

Granted that the scene shown was in-engine, rather than in-game; and while in-game footage usually are toned down when compared to the in-engine shots, we all have our faith in Naughty Dog to working their magic and producing something magical.

The game’s animator Jonathan Cooper recently took to Twitter to point out some new features we’ll be looking at in the new Uncharted. The first is in terms of character models. Thanks to the new engine, Uncharted 4 is looking to push boundaries with their character models, who will now be supporting more realistic hair.

“A major reason so many last-gen characters sported crew cuts was we couldn’t do hair easily,” explined Cooper of the absence of hairstyles in the last games. “I expect much more hairstyles this generation…Primarily because engines couldn’t support realistic lighting on alpha (see-through) textures, not to mention physics on long hair.”

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Drake will supporting flowing locks good enough for a shampoo ad, but we will get to see a better variety of hair-dos for all the characters involved.

“There are more technologies incoming that will release us from the homogenisation of game characters,” concluded Cooper.

The E3 demo highlighted the high poly count of Drake’s model. He was looking good, incredibly good for that. Uncharted 4 may very well set new records in terms of sales in the iconic series.

Source Twitter

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