There’s A Free Denpa Men Coming To 3DS In Japan

By   /   Jul 4, 2014

There’s a new Denpa Men inbound. According to reports picked up by Tiny Cartridge, the game is called Denpa Ningen no RPG: Free! and will release in Japan on July 23, 2014.

And yes, the “free” marker in that title does indicate that this iteration of the weird men will be free-to-play. There were three paying titles in the series until now.

From the short teaser, it looks like the design will stay similar to the previous games though. With the use of the Nintendo 3DS camera, players can detect Denpa Men in their environment through augmented reality.

It’s possible to capture these little dudes in bodysuits, to then use them in a series of dungeons and battles. It has quite the Pokémon feel to it, because every character has its own characteristics and can be trained to level up.

Combat takes place in a turn-based mechanism with a party of Denpa Men. Here, commands can either be let to the artificial intelligence (AI) or specific attacks can be chosen from a set of skills.

Denpa Ningen no RPG: Free! is one of several free releases to come to Nintendo platforms lately, in particular the 3DS handheld. Previously, the company started the trend with Steel Diver and later released a new baseball mini-game property.

In case you’re not quite convinced with the cuteness of these little guys quite yet, Denpa Ningen no RPG: Free! has a site with some art to gawk at. It’s in Japanese, but that’s not that important.

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