Sniper Elite 3 is Not for Professional Reviewers, It’s for the General Audience

By   /   Jul 4, 2014

Sniper Elite 3 has been getting some mixed reviews since its release a few days ago, but I myself have really enjoyed my time with the game so far, and now the developer behind the game, in an interview explains, why the game despite its mixed scores has managed to top the sales chart in UK.

CEO and Creative Director of Rebellion Jason Kingsley stated:

To a certain extent, our games are loved more by the audience that plays them than they’re loved by the professional reviewer. We seem to, if you look at some of the aggregation sites, do better with user reviews than we do with professional reviews.

He continues on to admit that multiplayer of Sniper Elite 3 has been facing problems, which he claims is due to the short staff of Rebellion that consists of just 100 employees, who had to create the game in just 18 months.

I think the nature of the franchise now, it’s on its third iteration and I hope we’ve corrected some of those areas where we got dinged a bit in the past. The problem is we haven’t had a very big team and we haven’t had long to make it, so the danger is there’ll still be some rough patches.

Jason added that he is very glad that the game is doing well because it is the game’s success that will keep our company going and only thing that matters is to us that “We’re still a viable company which is quite an achievement.”

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Source: Eurogamer

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