Shovel Knight Upgrades and Armor Guide

By   /   Jul 4, 2014

Upgrades come in all shapes and sizes, and without them no game could be ever complete.

After all, the only constant is change, and change for the better is what Upgrades bring them. Same is the case in Shovel Knight, with upgrades being an integral part of your progression and how you perform in the various stages.

Shovel Knight Upgrades and Armor

There are multiple kinds of upgrades in the game, ranging from simple utility ones that either increase your health or mana, to ones that give you direct combat advantage, and also a few that are purely there for the aesthetics and eye-candy.

All of the essential upgrades of the game are detailed below along with their prices and where you could find them. If we have missed anything, be sure to let us know what it is by commenting in the section below the article.

General Upgrades

Meal Tickets

When you start Shovel Knight, you will have 4 orbs of health by default. More can be acquired by finding or purchasing Meal Tickets. These are special tickets that have recipes for food that will not only replenish your health, but also add an extra orb.

The easiest way to acquire Meal Tickets is by purchasing them from the Goatician just underneath the Gastronomer.

The other method to get Meal Tickets is by defeating the sets of The Order of No Quarter. When you defeat all the Knights and clear up the fog to reveal more of the stages, you will acquire a Meal Ticket in a chest near the bonfire after defeating the last Knight.

Once you have acquired these tickets, simply head to the Gastronomer in the Village and he’ll cook up some food for you. Harvesting this food will add an additional orb to your health permanently.

Mana Upgrades
Mana Upgrades are acquired to increase the maximum amount of Mana you have available to you. They are purchased from the village at an incremental cost.

The upgrade prices are:

  • Upgrade 1 – 1,000 Gold
  • Upgrade 2 – 2,000 Gold
  • Upgrade 3 – 3,000 Gold
  • Upgrade 4 – 4,000 Gold
  • Upgrade 5 – 6,000 Gold
  • Upgrade 7 – 8,000 Gold
  • Upgrade 8 – 10,000 Gold

Armor Upgrades

Stalwart Plate
The Stalwart Plate is the standard armor for the Shovel Knight. It’s a light blue armor set with no bonuses provided. Once other armor is acquired, the Stalwart Plate can be swapped back by visiting the Armor Outpost.

The Final Guard
The Final Guard is an armor upgrade that costs 3000 Gold. It can be purchased inside the airship at the Armor Outpost. The bonus of the armor is that it will reduce the amount of Gold lost at death by half, so if you find yourself dying quite a bit in a specific stage, you might want to equip the Final Guard. The color of the armor set is red.

Conjurer’s Coat
The Conjurer’s Coat can be purchased from the Armor Outpost for 4000 Gold. The specialty of this purple colored armor set is that it increases the Mana pool by 50. However, it also decreases your defense, which means you’ll be squishy.

If you like long ranged battles, this armor upgrade is worth a try.

Dynamo Mail
The Dynamo Mail is an armor upgrade acquired from the Armor Outpost for 6000 Gold. This armor is dark-grey in color, and has a signature move associated with it. When performing two consecutive downward strikes, the Shovel Knight can build up a special slash attack. These can be built up by anything that causes the Shovel Knight to bounce back in the air.

Mail of Momentum
The Mail of Momentum upgrade can be acquired from the Armor Outpost for 6000 Gold. This armor set is red tainted and prevents any kind of knockback. However, the speed of your movement is overall greatly reduced as compared to other armors. Because of this drawback, you’ll want to avoid the MoM when playing the Stranded Ship stage.

Ornate Plate
The Ornate plate is a golden armor set that can be purchased at the Armor Outpost for 8000 Gold. This is an armor plate purely meant for aesthetics, as it offers only visual bonuses and no real benefits during battle. You’ll perform flips, cartwheels, and spins whenever you jump, and also get a glittering trail which can help you in the dark.

While taking the Catapult from the Armor Outpost and Village, you’ll often hear the applause of the townsfolk for your feats. It’s a real showoff’s set.

Shovel Upgrades

Charge Handle
The Charge Handle is a weapon upgrade that can be purchased for 4000 gold at the Armor Outpost. This will allow you to charge up a powerful slash attack that can even penetrate shields. While charging up the attack, the Shovel Knight will move much slower.

Trench Blade
The Trench Blade weapon upgrade can be acquired at the Armor Outpost for 3000 Gold. With this upgrade, the Shovel Knight will be able to scoop much more dirt with a scoop of his shovel. This comes in handy if you’re trying to collect money.

Drop Spark
The Drop Spark is a weapon upgrade that costs 6000 Gold and is available at the Armor Outpost. Whenever you swipe your shovel at ground level while with this upgrade equipped, it will send out a set of sparks which can damage enemies in its path. This is quite useful when you wish for long-ranged attacks without the aid of relics.

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