Shovel Knight Relics Locations Guide

By   /   Jul 4, 2014

It’s time to grab Relics! These items can be super-useful, and are associated with many feats and achievements in Shovel Knight.

For all the completionists, the relics are one kind of collectible you’ll definitely want to have a look for.

Shovel Knight Relics Locations

Thankfully, they aren’t all that hard to find since they’re located in specific stages, mostly shortly before or after a specific checkpoint. There are a few “relic” items that are fairly easy to obtain, such as the Chaos Orb, the Troupple Chalice, and the Fishing Rod.

The rest of them need to be found in the stages, and Chester will be selling them to you once you manage to find him in secret locations. Note that some of these relics are pretty expensive, so make sure you’re bringing some shiny gold with yourself to grab them.

Flare Wand
The Flare Wand is found in the Pridemoor Keep.

In order to find it, head down the ladder after the second checkpoint, then leap across the platforms while avoiding the lava. Head to the silhouette of the Shovel Knight, where the wall will flip. You’ll now be in a secret room, where Chester will sell the Flare Wand to you for 1000 Gold.

Phase Locket
The Phase Locket is found in The Lich Yard.

Sometime after the second checkpoint, you’ll come across a room in which two skeletons are roaming around. Shovel off from one of them to get to the left platform. Head forward to find a blue chest where Chester will sell you the Phase Locket for 1000 Gold.

Dust Knuckle
The Dust Knuckle is found in The Lost City.

Just before the third checkpoint, check to the left to find a destructible wall. Break it and head through to the next room. Here, Chester will sell you the Dust Knuckle for 3000 Gold. To get more treasure in this room, you’ll need to use the Dust Knuckle in quick succession to traverse the lower path.

Throwing Anchor
You’ll find the Throwing Anchor in the Iron Whale.

This is one of the easier relics to acquire. Midway in the stage you’ll have to fight an Angler Fish boss with a treasure chest hanging from its head. Jump into the fight and keep at it until the boss is stationary. At this time it’ll open the chest to reveal its light. Keep attacking that light. Afterwards Chester will sell the Throwing Anchor to you for 3000 Gold.

Alchemy Coin
The Alchemy Coin is found in the Explodatorium.

Past the first checkpoint, there is a room with platforms that bounce on boiling caldrons. Head to the end of the room and bounce on one of the enemies to get to the platform on the right.

You’ll find a few blocks here, but instead of destroying them jump on them and head to the right and break the wall. Fight the green knight, then head to the Blue Chest. Chester will sell you the Alchemy Coin for 3000 gold.

Mobile Gear
You can find the Mobile Gear in the Clockwork Tower.

Head two rooms up from the first checkpoint to find an area with a Red Knight. Destroy the wall on the top right, then head up and go over the platforms to find the Blue Chest. Chest will be selling the Mobile Gear for 3000 Gold.

War Horn
The War Horn is found in the Stranded Ship.

After the third checkpoint, head up the ladder and go to the wall on the left. Destroy it, and then head up the suspended ice to traverse the spikes. Chester will be selling the War Horn for 4000 gold.

Propeller Dagger
The Propeller Dagger is found in the Flying Machine.

There is a room above the second checkpoint where there are a couple of blowing fans that prevent you from entering the secret area. Head up the ladder to the next room and fall down so you can access the passage.

Here, Chester will be selling the Propeller Dagger for 4000 Gold.

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