Scuf 4PS PlayStation 4 Controller To Start Shipping From August

By   /   Jul 4, 2014

Scuf Gaming has narrowed down the release window for the Scuf 4PS PlayStation 4 controllers, designed for competitive multiplayer shooters.

Announced back in May, the controllers were reported to ship sometime in June, but somehow got delayed. Nonetheless, in a recent press release sent to MP1st, the company has announced that the controllers will start shipping within the first two weeks of August.

One of the primary features of Scuf 4PS is the addition of two ‘Scuf Hooks’ at the backside of the controller. These hooks are variants for ‘X’-‘O’ buttons and allow players to take jump-shots and drop-shots without disturbing their aim in competitive shooters, like Call of Duty.

Furthermore, players will also get Scuf’s Electro Magnetic Remapping Key, but this feature will be added at a later stage.

Another highlight of these controllers is the Scuf’s Pro Grip which allow players to choose between concave or convex analogue sticks. And to ensure that players don’t opt for additional equipment like Control Freeks, these analogue sticks will come in varying lengths.

Here’s a brief overview of all the features of 4PS:

  • New Scuf Hook Paddles 4PS – Re-engineered & patent pending
  • Totally Re-Engineered Scuf Back – Patented & fitted for paddle usage
  • Scuf Precision Thumbsticks – Domed or concave / 3 different lengths (regular, medium, long), multiple colors
  • Scuf Control Disc – Hit multi-functions of the Dpad for increased accuracy & control
  • Electro-Magnetic Remapping – Reassign paddles with our patented EMR: Perfect for multiple games
  • Pro-Grip Handles – Built-in, high-grade, available in different colors
  • Customize Your Scuf Controller 4PS – Even more than ever before

Check out Scuf Gaming Website for more details like pricing and customizable controllers.

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