Mobile Game Real Boxing Drops Console-Visuals On Steam

By   /   Jul 4, 2014

It looks like we’re finding weird stuff on Steam almost every single day now. Yesterday, it put up “Simulator” games on Early Access, for some reason.

It’s almost like a petri dish of oddities; experimental in nature and oddly fascinating.

To the point: Real Boxing is on Steam now. It costs €8.99, but you can grab it at a 20% discount until July 9, when it will bounce back from the current €7.19 tag.

What’s interesting about Real Boxing is that it’s a game that originally released on mobile devices. It used some rather stellar visuals to mimic what was available on major platforms, which gained it a spot as one of the most impressive mobile releases.

Now, it has come back to major platforms, also available on Playstation Vita if you’re in the handheld business. So, it’s a mobile game that wants to be a console game, porting its mock-console visuals from mobile to PC.

Real Boxing does have the advantage of being built with the Unreal Engine, which allows for these types of realistic visuals.

There’s also some gameplay to the game though. Let’s not forget that. Real Boxing offers three belts in a career mode, with over 20 opponents.

It’s also possible to train your champion with some mini-game tropes like a skipping rope and punching bag. This serves as the player enhancement element of the game.

There are four locations in the game: Las Vegas, Moscow’s Red Square, Rome Colosseum, and New York.

Aside from singleplayer, Real Boxing includes multiplayer either locally or online. For gambling addicts, the game has the option to bet on fights.

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