Okhlos Teaches You How To Make A Gameplay Trailer

By   /   Jul 4, 2014

Independent developer Coffee Powered Machine has a pretty awesome name. Moreover, the team from Argentina put up a developer blog for its PC game Okhlos, which has a new trailer out.

Developer blogs are also cool. It’s a shortcut route to some insight on the entire process of building a game. In this case, it addresses creating a trailer, which is a lot more work than you’d think.

First off, there’s actual planning going into putting up any video. Instead of just shooting some footage and seeing what comes out of it, the team made bullet points for all the elements they wanted to show off in Okhlos.

It also stresses putting some thought into the narrative of the trailer, how it will go from one thing to the next. In this case, Okhlos uses a music track to set the pace and selects its story beats from there.



Most importantly, footage should be taken tenfold to what the actual end product will become. You want much more than what you think you’ll need. Double up on any and all features you want to show, then double up on that.

A ton of clips will clog up hard drive space and processing power, so make sure to do any recording on the best setup possible. Additionally, another important tip in the Okhlos blog: Keep clips short and label them. Trust us; that’s the right call.

At the end of the instructional, the developer notes that iteration is important, even for a trailer, in order to get it just right. That sounds like it’s a bit too picky, but there’s a precursor to the new trailer provided that should show exactly how valid that point is.

We think the end result for the Okhlos gameplay trailer pays off for all that meticulous work. Aside from the cute art, the mobbing action looks quite enjoyable.

Okhlos is headed to PC somewhere in 2014.

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