Killzone: Shadow Fall Patch 1.30 Makes Way For New Maps Next Month

By   /   Jul 4, 2014

A new update hit Killzone: Shadowfall yesterday that prepares the game’s online portion for some new multiplayer maps scheduled for release next month.

Guerrilla Games suggested that there will be more than one map but didn’t quite mention as to just how many and what kinds. The studio though was more than happy to release a teaser Vine titled “The Terminal” where, as the name suggests, trains will be rolling down the tracks and possibly right on to unsuspecting players.

As for the patch itself, here is the changelog:

Fix 180 degree spawn camera
In MP when you spawn you won’t be facing the opposite direction of which the camera was facing.

Added a message on spawn in coop
A special message will appear when you are incapacitated which will make it more clear that if you choose to spawn you will need to pay or wait for a revive.

Tier icons now unlock correctly
It is now easier to see which guns you are able to unlock.

Flow of end of round
The flow of the end of the round is now much smoother.

Fixed several bugs
Patch 1.30 fixes several minor bugs related to Intercept and multiplayer.

Last month, Senior Online Producer Samrat Sharma confirmed that Killzone: Shadow Fall would be receiving some fan favorite maps from previous installments of the franchise, such as Radec Academy from Killzone 2. He did not reveal any time frames so we don’t know when to expect them. Could the new upcoming maps be featuring at least one of these ‘fan favorite’ maps?

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