Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas Still Looking at a July Release

By   /   Jul 4, 2014

Blizzard has provided a statement over when the Curse of Naxxramas expansion will release for Herthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

According to a post made on the Battle.net forums by Community Manager Aratil, Curse of Naxxramas has faced some delays but is still on track for a July release.

“We are still targeting to release Curse of Naxxramas this month,” he said. “This has not changed. If this does change, I will let everyone know as soon as I know.”

Previously the company had stated that Curse of Naxxramas would release in early July. Many assumed that to be in the first week of July or even better, July 1. However, Blizzard failed to make any announcements last month, making people worry if the expansion had been pushed to perhaps August.

Aratil also revealed that the game currently has a lot of bugs and that only last week saw the development team squash over 200 bugs alone.

“The team has fixed over 200 bugs just in the last week alone, and new bugs continue to be discovered. After all of the identified bugs have been addressed, the game will still need to undergo several rounds of quality assurance tests to ensure that the game is ready.”

So far Blizzard has revealed almost half of the cards expected to be seen in the expansion. From various posts, and of course Blizzard’s own reveals, the game looks to be nearly complete. However, the developer needs more time to polish off the code. There’s also the issue of pricing which so far has not been finalized by Blizzard.

Source Battle.net

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