Freedom Simulator 2014, Broforce, Gets Sale And New Bros

By   /   Jul 4, 2014

Early Access game Broforce has released an update with some new content, in time for the red, white and blue festivities this weekend. In the “death from above” patch, it introduces some new playable characters to the hectic shooter.

Its first addition is Cherry Broling, which some may recognize from the slightly overlooked grindhouse feature Planet Terror. Perhaps it will ring more bells if we say Cherry has a fully operational gun for a leg.

Aside from just being a new character, this “bro” also introduces directional shooting to Broforce. Previously, it was pretty much a straight run and gun feature. That’s sure to dramatically alter the gameplay approach.

Broforce dives into more obscure references with Colonel James Broddock, probably before the time of many players. Essentially, it’s Chuck Norris in one of many action films, Missing in Action in this case.

Along with new content, Broforce also tweaks some bugs and fixes some audio. In particular, Mac users should now have a more stable build.

If you’re on the internet today, you’ll probably find some Independence Day chatter here or there. Given this is such a US-infused game, Broforce went ahead and altered its name to “Freedom Simulator 2014” today.

Currently, the game is on Steam at a 33% discount as a weekend deal. If you’re clever though, you’ll quickly pick up the same discount on the Humble store, which is up for a few more hours, since it has a single currency model.

Broforce is a blast for anyone who ever was into games like Metal Slug. Things are flying around, other things explode and everyone is either jumping, firing or dying.

War; it’s fantastic.

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