Destiny Beta Said to Last Just 10 Days For PlayStation Owners

By   /   Jul 4, 2014

Bungie must be really happy to see so many folks desperate to get their hands on Destiny in its upcoming beta. The game’s futuristic action-shooting mechanics with the added RPG elements will surely be a treat for any fan. While the beta will be surely restricted to some degree, I hope Bungie allows us a greater degree of freedom so that we can ‘really’ get a taste of things to come.

However, all that said, we have not been told of how long the beta will last. According to a statement from official Destiny beta Japanese site, spotted today by Reddit user seooo13, the beta will last just 10 days.

クローズドβテスト実施期間: 2014年7月18日(金)~7月27日(日)

Which roughly translates to “Closed Beta Test Period: Friday, July 18 (*Japan time), to Sunday, July 27.”

The game’s beta in the west will commence from July 17 and there’s no confirmation whether it will also be similar to the Japanese one and end on Sunday, July 27. This also applies to just the PlayStation owners; meaning that the Xbox community will be able to just get a week of beta access.

In the likelihood that the news is true, I’m a bit disappointed. Just over a week of access doesn’t really amount to anything. In that regard EA has been more than generous in their beta phases that run around a month. I’m assuming this beta access is more like a “come get a taste” thing rather than a “come play and help us detect bugs” thing.

We’re waiting for an official statement from publisher Activision to verify whether we’ll be getting just over a week of access.

Source: Reddit

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