Xbox One is Now Default Console For Major League Gaming

By   /   Jul 3, 2014

Major League Gaming has announced that it is going to make a transition towards Xbox One for all of its 2K and 5K Call of Duty: Ghosts Tournaments that will be organized by UMG and LMG.

Xbox 360 has been completely dropped in favor of new gen Xbox One, which might cause some problems as there are almost 80 Million users on the console.

Major League Gaming wrote on its official blog:

This week (NA = Tuesday, EU = Thursday) will be the last time Xbox 360 Ghosts Ladders impact the Pro Points Rankings.  The Pro Points Rankings released on Tuesday, July 15th (NA) and Thursday, July 17th (EU) will be the first to incorporate Xbox One Ghosts Ladders.

This transition was imminent after the launch of new console, but no one was expecting that to happen within nine months of its release.

This will work in the favor of Microsoft, as pro players will opt for Xbox One, which in the end will help Microsoft sell more consoles.

Moreover, these pro-players have a lot of fans, who will also seek to buy the Xbox One so that they stay in touch with their favorite players.

Xbox One has been lagging behind PS4 in terms of sales, and this new transition will certainly help Microsoft sell more units and come head to head with Sony.

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