These 12″ The Last of Us Dioramas Actually Look Better Than Any Other Available in the Market

By   /   Jul 3, 2014

Granted there are a few Joel and Ellie figures out there and some of them are pretty good too but most of the amazing artistic stuff is in the shape of computer graphics when it comes to these lead characters of The Last of Us.

An artist by the moniker of MarfMeister on reddit has put together 12” figure dioramas of Joel and Ellie with amazing detail and which look far better than any mainstream figures available of these characters.

So how did he manage to create these awesome looking pieces when no one in the market has done it? The short answer is kitbashing where new models are created by taking apart commercial kits available and combining their various pieces, put on a new coat of paint to hide the damage and a totally new product is ready!

Using various figures available and adding his own customizations, MarfMeister made his own phenomenal dioramas.

The Last of Us was a 2013 smash hit by Naughty Dog exclusively for PS3. The game is set to be re-released as an HD remaster, The Last of Us Remastered including the Left Behind DLC for PS4 at the end of July. The remaster promises to deliver 60fps and amazing next generation visuals in both singleplayer and multiplayer.

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