Star Citizen Arena Commander Patch 12.4 Adds 30,000 Citizens and More

By   /   Jul 3, 2014

How would you like the number of Citizens in Star Citizen to double up at the same time when the newcomers get a better chance at the game with lesser glitches, lesser crashes and quite a lot of sound improvements? Well, the Star Citizen Arena Commander Patch 12.4 boasts of just that.

Recently, a post was made on the official website of Star Citizen aka Robert Space Industries where the developers have announced that the patch will take care of ‘numerous bugs, from fixing flickering Freelancer’s to improving server backend stability’ as well as add improvements ‘including control mapping for the Logitech G940, improved sound effects and new explosions!’

Previously, the number of Citizens in the game was 30,000 now this has been doubled to bring the total number to a massive 60, 000! This means that if your ‘citizen number’ is under that limit, you are currently eligible to enter the multiplayer.

Among the list of the fixes, you will now be able to connect to Broken Moon and targeting enemies in the single player will be improved.

As far as the crashes are concerned; you won’t need to bother about that during multiplayer matches now, or using alt+tab on the loading screen or crashing at the end of a round.

Sadly for some, the ballistic weapons will no longer be unlimited. In the end, certain additional features have been added like control mapping for G940 HOTAS; improved sounds of fire, ships and other players’ ordnance; new explosions and more.

This is not all there is, the complete patch notes for Star Citizen Arena Commander Patch 12.4 are quite lengthy and you might want to check them out yourself.

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