Those Generic “Simulator” Games Are On Early Access Now

By   /   Jul 3, 2014

Publisher Excalibur has announced the Early Access version of European Ship Simulator, due in August of 2014. This is the company that you know from titles like Euro Truck Simulator, Underground Mining Simulator, Garden Simulator, Ski Region Simulator and Chemical Spillage Simulation.

With the pitch, Excalibur wants to revive the ship simulation genre, which is a thing. As with every Early Access game, European Ship Simulator uses the “feedback” excuse to gain income early, stating:

Releasing the game at the Beta stage will enable us to absorb users’ feedback and implement it into our final retail build.

Conveniently, feedback will cost $19.99, which is a step down from the retail price of the game that will be priced $24.99. Again, this is a prolific company that rails out seven of these things a year, but need your cash upfront to build this particular one.

In the Early Access build of European Ship Simulator, players will be able to commandeer several ships out of a total of ten at launch. Moreover, Dover, Calais and Iceland will be available to navigate, with two more areas being added later.

European Ship Simulator will also integrate Steam Workshop use for the community to create some mods. Aside from making their own ships, players can alter mission conditions, like differences in weather and wind speed.

An Early Access version might not be up yet, but prolific as Excalibur is, it’s already thinking about free and paid downloadable content (DLC). It plans to extend ports to Hamburg and Gibraltar in late 2014 and take European Ship Simulator to the Suez Canal in 2015.

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