Project Cars Goes Back To Publisher For Distribution

By   /   Jul 3, 2014

Ambitious racing game, Project Cars, has signed with publisher Bandai Namco to take care of its distribution worldwide. Launch is currently planned for November of this year.

Racing fans have been waiting for this beauty for a while now. Just about all gameplay screenshots that have been released for Project Cars are well above their competition, with near realism on car models.

Additionally, Project Cars will hold a day cycle, weather system and realistic handling. It’s almost surreal to imagine this game is essentially an indie project.

Project Cars is handled by developer Slightly Mad Studios. Their staff was previously employed in EA studios, where they worked on the Need for Speed series, so that gives them some high-grade experience.

Still, Project Cars was made with the explicit vision to step away from big publishers like EA and Bandai Namco. On their “About” page, the developer states.

Traditional development puts developers at the mercy of publishers. Although it supplies the necessary funds to develop games with proper QA testing and development cycles, it also makes the development cycle subject to business matters such as financial quarters, company profits and marketing budgets.

It looks like Project Cars won’t really mind companies to take care of its distribution. To be fair, it might expedite console marketing, since that’s usually a lot easier for publishers to handle.

In particular, Project Cars is something that would benefit its Wii U version, although it’s also coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Given its high level of realism, this is the game that could show everyone that top notch visuals are possible on the Nintendo console.

Moreover, the community of Project Cars seems overjoyed with the signing with Bandai Namco, as seen in their forums. That’s really all that matters. If the people are happy, then everyone should be happy.

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