Killing Floor Getting New Free & Paid Content With End of the Line Update

By   /   Jul 3, 2014

Tripwire Interactive revealed earlier this week that its Co-op survival horror, Killing Floor will be getting a big update called the “End of the Line” which will consist of brand new content.

Developer also confirmed that this content will come with some new free content, however, few of the things will have to be purchased.

The free content in Killing Floor: End of the Line will include:

  • Developer’s Map Pack
  • 2 new Wave Mode maps – “Siren’s Belch” and “Stronghold”
  • 1 new Objective and Wave Mode map – “Transit”
  • 1 new character, Rachel Clamely, can be unlocked by completing the Transit map, in Objective Mode

On the other hand, paid content will include the flowing items:

  • Neon Characters DLC Pack – Featuring DJ Skully in Voltage Blue and Mr. Foster in Magma Red
  • Community Neon Weapons DLC Pack – Featuring 4 new neon guns including the SCAR, AK47, HSG Shotgun and Kriss sub-machine gun

Killing Floor hit the retail stores in May of 2009 and still is among the most popular horror shooters out there.

In the game, players earn money for killing the enemies and for surviving each wave, and that money can be used to buy new weapons, armor and ammo for your player.

This new End of the Line content of Killing floor is now available to download from the game’s Steam Page.

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