Gods Will Be Watching To Bum You Out On July 24

By   /   Jul 3, 2014

Games bumming you out are on a roll right now. After the report of the mind-straining Sunless Sea coming to Steam, Gods Will Be Watching announced its release date as well.

Gods Will Be Watching, a harrowing point and click adventure, will land on Steam, GOG and Humble on July 24, 2014. There’s a gameplay trailer that illustrates the horrors in the game, which do quite well to set a disturbing tone.

In this adventure, players manage a team of operatives that get to face human atrocities one after the other, spread across six chapters. It’s presented in a minimal pixel style, but that won’t make it any less gruesome.

Think of it like a slowed down version of Hotline Miami, where every single instance of ultra-violence gets its own screen time. That dramatically raises the impact of each action.

For instance, some of the crew may be subject to torture scenarios and it’s up to the player to negotiate how to deal with that. There are no “good” choices, but it will lead to tough decisions.

Some members may need to be sacrificed to ultimately save the rest of the squad. When the game is over, you’ll receive your judgment from the gods to see how you did, which gets compared to other players as well.

Unsurprisingly, Gods Will Be Watching is under the same Devolver Digital stable as Hotline Miami. Those folks have some issues they need to work out.

Gods Will Be Watching will be available for $9.99 or €8.99 on Steam, but we’ll just point you directly to the developer’s site, where you can preorder in a single currency model. Preorders come in the basic format or a Collector’s Edition that will cost $17.99.

In the Collector’s Edition of Gods Will Be Watching, you’ll find a soundtrack with more than 20 songs, a 50-page art book, and a 40-page digital comic that serves as the prelude to the game’s story.

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