Gaming Cures Alcoholics, At Least in the Case of Swedish Teens

By   /   Jul 3, 2014

Yes, you read that right. There have been reports recently that the ratio of Swedish teenagers who used to drink alcohol regularly has been reduced to half.

Guess what the probable cause is? Playing games instead of going out for booze.

The Central Association for Alcohol and Drugs held a survey in Sweden over the drastically increased proportion of the teenage population that drinks alcohol habitually.

According to the statistics from 15 years ago, around 80 percent of the ninth graders in the country came under that belt.

Figures for last year that were taken in the recent survey show that only 46 percent of the teenage population has a habit of drinking alcohol.

Interestingly, the reason that most of the students gave for the decrease was time spend by them socializing on the social media platforms and playing games.

Ulf Guttormsson, the manager at the Central Association of Alcohol and Drugs says that the teenage years are when children are trying to identify themselves and hence create an image for themselves for others.

He says that back in those days alcohol was a way to make you look cool. Although it still is, there are other alternatives that are interesting. He said that computer games provided a way for the same through being online.

Pardon any mistakes on my part in trying to understand the exact statement given by Guttormsson because I have only had the online translations to understand what he said.

That being said, it surely is good news that gaming is also having such positive impacts on the population.

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