“ANNA” Will be Your Personal Assistant in Forza Horizon 2

By   /   Jul 3, 2014

PlayGround Games, who announced Forza Horizon 2 a month ago has revealed that its upcoming title will have Kinect supported feature called ANNA, which will serve as your personal assistant in the game.

In an interview with Examiner, game’s creative director Ralph Fulton said:

Kinect will be involved with a feature called ANNA. She is your digital personal assistant and navigation in the game. She is also very intelligent and will suggest things to do in the game and give you a recap when you return to the games. She will also alert you when friends are online.

Moreover, developer mentioned that the weather has been given a lot of importance in the upcoming title, with each condition providing a different, unique and realistic experience to the players.

Those of you, who were hoping to see a single player story in the game will be disappointed, as developer confirmed that there will not be any kind of story in Forza Horizon 2.

However, there will be a lot of options and modes that players will be able to enjoy if they want while playing solo, but no specific storyline.

These new additions to Forza Horizon 2 do seem interesting, but we will see how they will play out in actual game, when it releases on 30th of September for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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