Endless Legend Beta Gets Factions, Multiplayer And More

By   /   Jul 3, 2014

Publisher Iceberg Interactive announced the impending release of the Beta version of Endless Legend on Steam through the Early Access branch. It will expand the gameplay mechanisms in multiple ways, as well as add more play options.

For starters, two new major factions are thrown in the 4X conquest game. With just two more races remaining after this update, the Ardent Mages and Roving Clans make their way to the planet of Auriga, where the Endless lore takes place.

For the former, the mages draw strength from their suffering, revealing self-inflicted scars on their body. Possibly, this might affect their power in combat from being attacked, which would be a bold mechanism.

Likely, the Roving Clans will be a little more cautious, as they benefit from the powers of Dust for magic and wealth. That would be the second faction, after the Broken Lords who literally live off Dust, to center itself on the currency part of Endless Legend.

To enable more diversity from Dust yields, the Beta update brings roads and much needed Trade Routes. Much more important still, the diplomacy in the game should be improved, so you’re not always immediately at war with everyone everywhere.

To mess with your neighbors, you’ll now be able to hire mercenaries from the marketplace. These units can attack anyone without revealing their allegiance. As if minor factions weren’t annoying enough.

In gameplay mechanisms, there should be some tweaking to the combat system to include morale, city militia and battle pace. Combat was already pretty solid, but it was a bit lacking in info and losses are hard to swallow in Endless Legend.

Perhaps the most important for the online community, Endless Legend should start building out its multiplayer component, with six players being able to team up, out of a possible eight at launch.

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