Test Co-op Survival in The Red Solstice On Early Access

By   /   Jul 3, 2014

Publisher Nkidu Games, formerly The Rebel Machine until someone threatened to sue, will bring out The Red Solstice on Steam through Early Access. That’s where all games go now. It’s like Steam lite.

Anyway, this game from Croatian developer Ironclad sounds like it could be an interesting team-building design. It’s a multiplayer-only survival game with a squad of soldiers stranded on some horrifying map filled with monsters.

Players bond together with 8 people in cooperative mode, where they’ll try to survive the environment for one full hour. It’s a restrictive format, but hopefully it will find a niche of dedicated gamers that aren’t immediately distracted by the internet era.

Aside from just plain survival, The Red Solstice does offer random objectives during gameplay as well.

Soldiers come in eight different classes, which will all be available in the Early Access version of The Red Solstice. It’s possible to act as the leader of a squad, which has with it some ordering mechanisms.

Maps in The Red Solstice are procedurally generated, so there’s no getting cozy with playthroughs. Vicious monsters will frequently appear out of the darkness to try and rush team members.

The Red Solstice will have an experience system, which comes with weapons and skills to unlock. Some of that will be available in the early build as well, but more should be present in the final release.

This game sure has a dark and scary vibe. It looks a little like a Space Marine-infused title, much like the Genestealers acted as assailants in Space Hulk’s blackened corridors.

Previous projects from Nkidu Games include Chuck’s Challenge 3D and Full Bore.

There’s no price point for The Red Solstice yet, but its Kickstarter pitch put up a copy at around $15. On Early Access, the price of the game will be reduced until launch.

If nothing else, The Red Solstice comes with Steam Trading Cards. People like those.

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