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Battlefield 4 Recent CTE Update Addresses Head Bobbing and HUD Clutter

By   /   Jul 3, 2014

The most-recent Battlefield 4 update to go live on Community Test Environment [CTE] is said to address some pesky little issues like HUD clutter and head bobbing.

Long-term Battlefield players will know all about the HUD clutter since the days of Battlefield 3. The issue more prominent during matches with more than five objective markers and a large number of players.

MP1st reports that players participating in the CTE have reported inclusion of new options to tweak and customize the in-game HUD.

These changes have already found their way in Battlefield: Hardline from Visceral Games, but it’s high time that these changes come to Battlefield 4.

Another annoyance that has been addressed is head flinching, which makes it difficult for players to score a headshot when their targets are behind a cover.

Battlefield Blog notes that these changes will become a part of Battlefield 4 future update, but thanks to a couple of CTE participants, we can get the first-look at these improvements.

Check out the videos above by Harri Does Gaming and XfactorGaming and share your impressions with us!

Released back on Oct. 29, 2013, Battlefield 4 has been widely criticized by its players since its launch, but with these CTE updates, it looks like DICE and Battlefield 4 community is working together to create a game that players always wanted!

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