Zelda Sequelitis Up After Two Years, Shreds Conventions

By   /   Jul 2, 2014

After more than two years Arin Hanson, more commonly known as the persona Egoraptor, released a long-awaited sequel to the, well, Sequelitis game analysis series. It doesn’t just play it safe either; it goes straight for the Zelda franchise.

Along with never being able to live up to the hype that’s been growing for years, Egoraptor also dissects Zelda and in particular the Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time iterations. More daring still, Ocarina of Time gets a bit of a lashing in the half hour of video.

There are a few topics addressed and you should really watch all of it, because it has the same illustrative arguments the series is known for. Still, we’ll point out a few in short form.

Sequelitis Zelda

Sequelitis Zelda

For starters, the clip looks at how the games became more streamlined throughout time, going from the open world in the original Legend of Zelda to having dungeons numbered in Link to the Past.

Going to 3D also fundamentally changed the scope of the world, which makes battles completely different and, in turn, affects exploration. Through the Z-targeting mechanism in Ocarina of Time, the world view is separated from combat sections.

Waiting is also a point of aggravation for the franchise, being stretched out in later games in the series. It’s addressed in combat patterns, plot fluff and treasure chests cutscenes.

Also, if you’re the sort of crowd that liked Skyward Sword, you’re going to get a pretty big hit to the nose in the clip. It does commend the bomb bowling aspect of the game though.

It might even make a, not too far off, link to a really bad N64 game.

Don’t immediately go for Egoraptor’s throat in the comments. Even if you loved Ocarina of Time, which many of us do, the points in the clip are solid and at least should make you think if what you like is actually what you like.

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