WildStar Medic Class Guide – Builds, Abilities and AMPs

By   /   Jul 2, 2014

Don’t let the name of the class fool you – the Medic may sound like a supporting cast, but this class has a hidden ruthlessness to it that can be exploited by those looking to go on the offense.

The Medic is thus very versatile in its usage, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you spot a large set of DPS Medics playing in the vast world of Wildstar.

WildStar Medic Class

We’ll be covering the basics of this class in this guide, with the core focus on the essential abilities and AMPs that should or shouldn’t be considered a part of your LAS (build).

Please note that we haven’t actually used the in-game description for the skills, but only our and the general perspectives of whether a specific skill is good enough or not to make it into your action slot.

If you wish to have a look at the in-game description of each skill, visit the WS-Base Builder, which we have also used for our suggestive builds at the end of the guide.

Generating and spending Actuators is a Medic-specific mechanism that empowers certain abilities. Certain abilities require Actuators to work, such as Gamma Rays, Quantum Cascade, Shield Surge etc. In order to generate Actuators, you must first generate Power Charges.

Power Charges are generated by builder skills like Discharge – once three Power Charges are generated, you gain 1 Actuator. It’s a bit of a stretch, but the mechanism is highly rewarding, since the abilities associated with spending Actuators are quite lethal.

The core attributes for the Medic are Tech (DPS) and Insight (Healer).

DPS: Tech, Moxie, Brutality
Healer: Insight, Grit, Finesse

For more details on Attributes for all classes, make sure you check out our Attributes Guide.

Assault Abilities

Discharge is your primary Actuator generating ability, and the bread and butter of being a DPS Medic. There’s everything right with this skill – the damage is decent, it comes in early, the Tier upgrades are good. You’ll likely be sticking to this spell from the start.

Tier 4 will deal additional damage to a foe after all ticks, while Tier 8 will give you an additional stack of Power Charge at full ticks.

Gamma Rays
On paper this ability is absolutely brutal, and for PvE it’s probably worth a try. For PvP however, this is a bad ability, since landing all three of the rays on a specific target is very difficult, and will often leave you vulnerable to attacks.

I would give this a try in PvE, but for Raids and PvP I’d avoid it altogether.

Nullifier would be a useful AoE damage skill for any other RPG game, but with Wildstar’s combat system it doesn’t work too well, particularly in Arena and PvE. You might want to try it in objective PvP though.

Fissure is a strange ability. There are a lot of people using it, but overall it doesn’t proc too well and has been nerfed quite a bit.

It really doesn’t suit my personal taste, but those who tend to level the ability to T8 seem to get a lot of benefit from it. It’s your call, but personally I wouldn’t really touch this skill.

Devastator Probes
Devastator Probes are pretty good – they deal lots of damage, and they grant you good synergy with the T4 upgrade by combining with Fissure/Collider.

It’s a useful spell and one I’d definitely bag. It can give you sustained DoT damage, and on demand burst damage thanks to the amazing T4 upgrade.

Quantum Cascade
This is a very good Actuator spender but comes at a hefty price. It has a lengthy casting time and sucks up Actuator points in no time.

The damage is pretty good if you’re patient enough, but more often than naught you’ll end up desiring more than what you got. A good PvP skill, though it can be lacking in PvE.

I’m not a fan of Fissure, but Collider does great when combined with T4 D. Probes. It gives an amazing amount of burst damage, and it’s a brilliant finisher skill on its own as it does extra damage to foes that are below 30% health. The Tier upgrades are also absolutely brilliant.

Tier 4 of the skill further takes that to below 70% health, which is even more amazing, while Tier 8 will allow you to build an Actuator when you use it on a foe below 30% health.

Annhilation sounds nice, but it lacks mobility, and you’ll have to spend unnecessary AMPs to unlock the ability in the first place. This is an anti-PvP skill with more downsides than ups, so I would recommend ignoring it.

Ouch, this ability hurts, which is all the more reason to take it. Now if you’re planning to use Atomize, you want to have as much Critical Hit Chance as possible, because that’s what this ability procs on.

Atomize damage is highly rewarding, and it’s use even more rewarding considering it has a 50% chance to give you an Actuator. Sweet ability that should make it to your action bar if you’re playing a DPS Medic.

If you can’t find any other skill to level, Atomize should make it to your list – send it all the way to Tier 8 for additional damage and also 18% Armor Piercing from T4.

A strange ability that is only rewarding when you go all the way to T8, which means for the longest duration this skill will be more or less useless. It’s a really hit and miss skill, and the lack-luster debuff just isn’t impressive enough to win any offensive Medic over.

Support Abilities

The Medic wouldn’t be a Medic if not for the support tree. It’s a powerful, no-bullshit tree with plenty of skills that would aid in making a powerful healing Medic. There are some skills that even DPS Medics would enjoy.

Brilliant and simple are the two words that describe Emission. It’s a great Actuator builder and does the job that anyone would expect a Support Medic would do.

Tier 4 is one hell of an amazing upgrade to Emission, with no Focus cost when below 250 Focus, and Tier 8 will allow additional heal with all ticks.

Crisis Wave
Pretty nice name for the ability, don’t you think? It has a good telegraph AoE heal and can be effective if you’re sitting back, but the cast time can be rather daunting.

Thankfully, Tier 4 takes care of that (somewhat), making Crisis Wave a little more reliable. I would keep this ability as a Support Medic.

Dual Shock
This is an offensive-defensive ability that uses the same Critical Hit proc as Atomize.

Sadly, it’s not that damaging, but it tends to compensate for that by adding a bit of heal. This is obviously quite useless for a pure support Medic, but those looking to go for a hybrid could take use of Dual Shock.

Mending Probes
This is a god-sent ability that only a few people seem to value. Mending Probes attach to your allies and you, giving a vital amount of HoT that simply cannot be overlooked in a support role. With the right build and correct mentality, MP is one must-have ability.

The idea is interesting, but Triage is far too inferior to the other Support abilities to even be considered in any kind of way.

Aww yiss! This ability is the bomb. Fantastic burst healing for you and nine other lucky players, and with Tier 4 it only gets better because of how frequently you‘ll be able to use it. Make sure you grab this ability as a Support.

I’m generally not a shield-restoration kind of guy, but Barrier is actually a pretty good ability, and a much better option than Triage.

It has a nice offensive buff for everyone else, and you can utilize the shield regen from it if you’re caught in a sticky situation. I would however prioritize other abilities before trying to fit this into my action bar.

Bad ability, and will take unnecessary AMPs to unlock. During the mayhem that surrounds most battles no one will really care about what you as a healer are doing with your environment, so having an activator somewhere on the battlefield isn’t going to benefit anyone much, especially the tanks who will need the most healing and support.

Shield Surge
A lot of people love this skill, though I just don’t feel it is that valuable for a healer Medic. The damage and shield is nice, and the Tier upgrades are worth showing interest towards.

The cast time on the other hand is rather large, and it just makes it a bit difficult to utilize the dual-natured capability of the spell without putting yourself or allies in danger. Decide for yourself if this is really a skill you want to be using.

Extricate is an excellent savior ability, and an even better skill if you are going to be stuck protecting your party’s tank at all times. The only issue is that it really kills the flow of a team battle if you don’t have proper communication.

After all, we’re talking about controlling your own members with this ability, so you might want to make sure your party is ready for it before you even decide to equip it.

Utility Abilities

The Medic’s Utility tree is powerful and has some amazing skills that one should never overlook. You get a nice mix of CC and defensive/support abilities to facilitate the other core skills in your LAS.

Paralytic Surge
This is a nice skill with a good stun, but there is so much counter to CC in this game that having an action bar for this ability might not be a good thing if you’re playing as a DPS.

Of course, as a healer this can be pretty useful in both raids limited party games. I would take this skill if my team demands it, but for solo play and PvP this one can be passed.

You can never really say no to mobility, whether you’re a DPS or a Support. Urgency provides you exactly that with Swiftness. Tier 4 will give you more defensive utility by breaking against various kinds of crowd control, while I would never really take this to Tier 8.

This is an interesting ability that also offers mobility through a backwards Blink, while also snaring the opponent. For me Urgency is a better option than Restrictor, but if you think you’ll need the blink, experiment with Restrictor in your build to see if it help.

A brilliant support Medic skill that one should always take when playing a healer. This skill should be in the Support tree, but it’s here, and we’re going to take it.

Not so appealing if you’re playing as a DPS though.

Recharge is an interesting ability for any healer Medic that is playing in raids. It can help you a lot against the raid boss, but apart from that it has very little applicability despite the Focus restoration.

The Empower and Support Power are nice on paper, but the sudden buff is only very useful in tough raids.

Protection Probes
Lovely ability that should be taken by any kind of Medic. It’s probably the best skill in the Utility tree, offering a nice bit of Resistance buff that your tank will thank you for. Tier 4 will grant a Nimble that will boost the Dash regen, whereas Tier 8 will grant a boosted shield regen.

Empowering Probes
Apart from PvE, there is absolutely no reason to waste a slot on Empowering Probes, which will only grant you a mere 10% buff. Forgettable skill.

Magnetic Lockdown
Roots is arguably the strongest crowd control type Wildstar, and this skill lets you apply it on 5 foes. Attractive for raids and PvE, and quite nice when used with a DPS.

Try to experiment with this skill to see if you can live with its annoying cast-time. If you like it, try upgrading it to Tier 4 to completely get rid of the cast-time and make it even better for yourself.

Yes, yes, and yes! This is one of the most important skills when playing PvP games as a Medic. Like most RPGs this game is bloated with CC skills.

Thankfully as a Medic, you have Calm. This will allow you to get rid of any CC and also reduce incoming damage for a short duration thanks to the highly underrated yet super-useful Pacify skill. A must-have Utility skill.

Field Probes
Horrible skill. The restricted field makes it useless, and in no way would I ever consider taking this over the tons of other half-decent skills that manage to outshine this one.

Medic AMPS

The AMPs for the Medic are versatile and should be chosen according to your build. Note that there are a lot of beneficial AMPs that can be acquired in the Hybrid trees, which unlike some other classes can really aid in your Medic, whether it is a DPS variant or a Support Medic.


  • Assault Power – Increase Assault Power by 2.5% of your max.
  • Strikethrough – Increase Strikethrough chance by 1%
  • Empowering Aura – Grant an Empower to yourself and party members
  • Core Damage – Consuming an Actuator grants Empower for 5s
  • In Flux – Between 1 and 3 Actuators gain an Empower
  • Meltdown – Using Energize allows you to deal 104% damage to foes.

A/U Hybrid

  • PvP offense – Increase PvP Offense by 1%
  • Entrapment – Abilities that apply Snare and Root also apply Expose.


  • CC Resilience – Increases CC Resilience by 10%.
  • Cooldown Reduction – Increases CD reduction by 5%.
  • Solid State – Using Prot Probes grants 1 Interrupt
  • Regenerator – Restores 13.77% health every 3s while in combat
  • Protection Probes – Unlocks Protection Probes ability.

S/U Hybrid

  • Max Shield Capacity – Increases Maximum Shield capacity.
  • PvP Defense – Increase PvP Defense by 1%


  • Support Power – Increases Support Power by 2.5% of your current.
  • Reboot – Using Barrier or Shield Surge on an ally with depleted shield restores your shield
  • Emergency – Landing a direct heal on a character below 30% health restores shield.
  • Armor Coating – Landing a Crit Hit on an ally grants Defense
  • Hypercharge – Using Energize restores 220% shields to allies.

Stalker Builds

Below are a couple of builds to give you an idea of how to develop your character. We’ve given two level 50 builds, one for a DPS Medic and one for a pure Support/Healer Medic.

These builds are just pointers to give you a general idea of how your LAS should look – feel free to mess around with them to suit your requirements.

Build #1 – Multi-Target DPS
This is a multi-target PvE build that also works well in PvP. The focal point of the build is Discharge as the primary Actuator, while Quantum Cascade will be your spender.

The result will be tons of damage, further aided by the Empowering Probes from the Utility tree. Protection Probes should also give you a good bit of defense, with reduced cooldown and Critical Hit related AMPs being the priority in the AMPs Grid.

Build #2 – The God-sent Healer
The bread and butter build of playing as a Healer Medic. This utilizes the brilliance of Mending Probes, and the reliability of Emission to get the job done in raid and PvE healing.

We’ll also be utilizing the awesomeness that is in the form of Protection Probes from the Utility tree, and to synergize the build will be using Flash with Mending Probes to trigger the latter’s T4 upgrade.

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