Get Bummed With Sunless Sea On Steam Early Access

By   /   Jul 2, 2014

Just in case you needed to depress yourself just a spot more after the disappearance of the Steam Summer Sale, Sunless Sea landed on Early Access. Despite the somewhat tarnished reputation of the platform, developer Failbetter Games comes right out the gate with a statement for their game:

This is not an alpha: it’s a late beta with a huge amount of story content, waiting on more content, balancing changes and final polish.

This hand-drawn game sees a ship take on the dark expanses of an ocean out to get you all. You’ll need to navigate amidst inner turmoil and outside interferences.

Moreover, Sunless Sea sprinkles a little Amnesia: The Dark Descent in its survival effort. During your travels, you’ll need to navigate between illuminated areas or risk having your crew descend into madness.

There’s also a large story segment to the game with different characters, unique officers and the ability to romance people. You’re only on a harrowing journey into hell, might as well find love, right?

Naturally, the game has some combat elements as well, for when you suddenly face some weird tentacle beast or other abomination. It sort of uses an FTL: Faster than Light model, with real time events that can be paused for inputs.

Should the crew perish before making it safely back home, it’s possible to have the next captain inherit some of the prior’s traits.

There’s a lot to love in the early version of the game and there’s a bunch more to come, like a much larger map, for instance.

Sunless Sea is up on Steam right now for $18.99 or the completely unequal price of €19.99 for Europe. Don’t worry, Euro crowd, you can buy the game through the developer’s site on a single currency model as well.

Who is looking out for you? That’s right; we are.

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