Would You Shoot the Only Testicle Hitler Has? Sniper Elite 3 Lets You!

By   /   Jul 2, 2014

Well, I am sure most of you landed on this page due to the title, but rest assured, there was no exaggeration in what it says. Rebellion Oxford is actually letting you do so in their latest tactical shooter, Sniper Elite 3.

The video above shows the preorder bonus DLC mission being accomplished in style. If you didn’t know what the preorder DLC mission for Sniper Elite 3 was, you are missing out big time. Preordering the game earlier got you a bonus mission in which you are tasked to assassinate the Führer himself!

The video shows our protagonist Karl Fairburne taking a shot from around 54 meters right on that sensitive spot. Moreover, you see the bullet pierce through his body where, instead of two, you see a single testicle.

The game released on June 27 in the European Union and on July 1 in the North American territories.

So that proves two things; Hitler did have just one ball, and Sniper Elite 3 is a good testicle shooter – oh, I mean tactical shooter.

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