Online Pokemon Center Opening for United States on August 6

By   /   Jul 2, 2014

We all know how popular the Pokemon series is among the people. There was a time when the Western territories had physical stores dedicated to merchandise relating to the series. Now, although those days are long gone, there is big news again; United States is going to get a dedicated online Pokemon Center very soon!

The news was broken by a YouTube merchandise unboxing video where a parcel from The Pokemon Company has been opened and it contains a greetings card with the announcement reading:

“The Pokemon Company International is pleased to announce the launch of a new Pokemon Center for the United States – just hatched and ready to say hello! This online Pokemon store features special Pokemon items such as plush, apparel, stationary, and much more. is the place to find brand-new items as well as merchandise previously available only in Pokemon Center Japan.”

The store will officially open on August 6, 2014 but a selected number of fans have been invited to a sneak peek on July 2 i.e. today.

For those who are unsure, Pokemon Center is a retail store managed by The Pokemon Company where official merchandise is sold. The branches and kiosks that they have in United States are managed by The Pokemon Company International whom we think are going to be in control of the online store in question.

Among the items that are usually sold at such stores you can get anime videos, DVDs, manga volumes, Pokemon Trading Card Games and Cards, CDs, clothes, bedding, sporting equipment, toys, accessories, dishes, musical instruments and last but not the least Pokemon games.

In the past there used to be a fully-fledged Pokemon Center in the Rockefeller Center New York but in 2005 it was converted into a Nintendo World Store, other than this there is a shop in the Tacoma Mall, Tacoma Washington but it is no longer managed by The Pokemon Company International. There also is a kiosk in Northgate Mall, Seattle, Washington.

How many of you are going to use the online Pokemon Center to get your favorite goodies in United States?

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