One Piece: Unlimited World Red Getting Free DLC

By   /   Jul 2, 2014

Bandai Namco has announced that One Piece: Unlimited World Red is going to get a free DLC content called the “Red Stands Alone.”

This is a single quest, which players will be able to download from PlayStation Store and Nintendo e-shop as of today.

In this new content, you will be going against Red for one more time and you will also be coming across some acquainted faces and tough enemies in new setup with highest difficulty settings.

This new DLC pack has been given to players for free, to celebrate the launch of One Piece: Unlimited World Red in Europe, while North American consumers will get the game next week.

In the game, you are put in the shoes of Luffy, who is the main character of the anime show that has been going on for a lot of years now.

In the beginning of One Piece: Unlimited World Red, one of the mates of Luffy gets kidnapped and now Luffy has taken upon himself to rescue him at all cost.

The game has very smooth combat system as you attack with two buttons, dodge with one and counter with one, which is very similar to the control scheme of Batman Arkham series.

The game is challenging but not frustrating and is a must play for anyone who is fan of the anime and action games.

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